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Blood Rose


In carmine vein flows of holy blood rose,

at stops and gates of red oneiric anastomose -

love waits thru both angry and tender life blows…

The mixed mind woes of fire spirit – I suppose;

soft velvet petal, sharp thorn - eternal prose…


Into welcome innocent sea, I pass;

sacred flower clutched tight in hand.

Away! Away from crazed humanity mass,

from homeland to unknown dreamland.


Refugee from rich bannered history,

past heroes and honored freedom;

a mad escape from birth country,

lost liberty and forgotten martyrdom.


Sail on alone to new hopes offshore,

in search endeavor to breathe free.

With hard oar and roar – to new lore;

inside, with all lessons taught to me.


The good voice is strong –

like echo song whispered into eternity;

to guide and remind for long –

an urge for sanity and soul prosperity.


No looking back - the dear past is golden past.

Onward and forward, my rapid story goes.

In loving remembrance, I remain steadfast;

and hold hand to heart, with treasured blood rose.