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Joy of Your Hand

Give me your hand…

In hourglass, slow grains of beach sand…

Mystic silence, but in ear great music band…

Temptation of flesh can barely withstand…


Delicate fine fingers like snake trails,

along love paths by sea and lake shore.

Tiny boats bob on waters with bright color sails,

blues and pinks, and some with dark wood oar.


I gaze and wonder of lure,

of body so composite and pure.

Splendid bone and pulp and skin,

so alluring and bringing of original sin.


Mound and gorge of breast and rear,

so too arms and shoulders and thighs.

Holy clam temple manhood to smear,

all for me to tantalize and carnalize.


Festival of thought and desire,

as I lay beside you on fire.

So much to admire and acquire.

What must I do to supply her?


Grand epic ecstasy and pleasure,

life together real final treasure…

Nature so simple, so divine,

all I truly need is joy of hand in mine…



In school study room across the way,

by blue picture window and sunlit bay,

sat a girl of special fantasy and golden dreams,

with dark hair and eyes, and face most supremes…


I gazed in open wonder at magic form,

as she read a book in bright morning light.

Lost in sunbeams and beauty silent storm,

my mind entranced in sun-kissed flight…


Glancing slow at me, she caught my stare.

Smiled and winked, and laid me bare.

I walked over and pulled a chair,

and the girl accepted bold and clear dare…


Admitting with teen spirit, equal interest and delight,

she pulled me closer without a fight.

Magnificent splendor of youthful energy,

the source of all the world’s love poetry…

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