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A Persistence of You and I

In all times past, and in times present,

there is a fine persistence of you and I.

Together we, in grand ascent and descent,

always there, as moons and stars pass by…


Traces of us in all lucid memory see,

in great songs and dance and poetry.

In blue seas, and green hills, in all that be.

Our close and placid spirit form, alive and free.


A wondrous spell bound force of nature say.

Power of magic love intense fervent.

Totality imbued in passion potion spray.

Each to the other, inspired romance servant.


Hope and pray for golden fortune destiny.

Your hand in mine, in sky without cry.

To have and to hold, to cherish so preciously,

and forever fly - a persistence of you and I…


I Desire You As

I desire you as…

Shaded grass desires light,

and wilted flower – rain.


I desire you as…

Twilight forest desires songbird,

and cold living stream – warm colored stone.


I desire you as…

Quiet sea and sky desire wind,

and shore – soft white sand.


I desire you as…

Cold winter desires spring,

and black night – day.


I desire you as…

Tired mind desires soul,

and old heart – youth.


I desire you as…

Lonely spirit desires romantic ballad,

and chilled lips – a kiss.


I desire you as…

I desire breath and life,

food and wine,

belief and promise,



I desire you as…

You desire me…


Illusion of Time


Time is only an illusion…

From Big Bang singularity

till Big Rip dissolution,

there is little inner clarity.


Universe measure of order to disorder,

progressive random entropy cosmic storm.

Explosive expansion to chaos limit border,

decline and loss of perfect physics form.


Ticking seconds in conscious mind -

Fast moves from present, to past and future.

Human time travel of neuronal kind -

Not knowing place in Space, never sure…


Origin light burst into infinite nothing -

Fertilized ovum zygote to multicellularity.

Giant mess unrest with nuclear aging -

Complications born from complexity.


Life systems, stellar and cellular -

Grow large, on to extreme peculiarity.

Withering clock delivers forms irregular -

A fading metamorphosis barbarity…


In our love – where does the chronometer stand?

Does it flow away, in a lost helpless way?

Or does it claim the great wished for land?

Oh my God! Oh my caring God! I say.


Allow me to seek soft notes of my senses,

the one peaceful kingdom of soul freedom,

kind tender beauty hum of cello finger stresses,

the color exposè of passion flower arboretum…


Alas… Throw away the illusion of Time curse!

I care not of my personal body extinction,

nor of the waves of dying matter of the universe,

nor of the dead stars’ emission transmissions.


I only care for you and me, and everything we,

in this life, and any other we may ever see…

For you are everything in all of Time that be.

My only want is to be with thee, now and forever foresee…


Impressions of a Day

On this day, day of all days…

Morning dawn bloomed in all color.

Golden sunrise kissed violet purple horizon.

Rays of soft yellow light blanched stars to sleep.

Dark blue sky eased to cobalt white.

Sea awakened in aquamarine foam.

Earth winds spun us to a stop,

hand in hand…


On this day, day of all days…

Destiny was born, you and I.

Rainbows filled, and butterflies were free.

Music was true and never faded.

Desires ever lasted.

Mystic universe, infinite space and time,

ether of life demanded we be one.

One heart, one soul…


On this day, day of all days…

Love was confirmed.

Joy sprung more joyous,

hope more hopeful,

faith more deep…


On this day, day of all days…

You and I – WE – became forever,

to soothe and support,

to nourish and devour,

to share and grow,

for all of time…


Joy of Your Hand

Give me your hand…

In hourglass, slow grains of beach sand…

Mystic silence, but in ear great music band…

Temptation of flesh can barely withstand…


Delicate fine fingers like snake trails,

along love paths by sea and lake shore.

Tiny boats bob on waters with bright color sails,

blues and pinks, and some with dark wood oar.


I gaze and wonder of lure,

of body so composite and pure.

Splendid bone and pulp and skin,

so alluring and bringing of original sin.


Mound and gorge of breast and rear,

so too arms and shoulders and thighs.

Holy clam temple manhood to smear,

all for me to tantalize and carnalize.


Festival of thought and desire,

as I lay beside you on fire.

So much to admire and acquire.

What must I do to supply her?


Grand epic ecstasy and pleasure,

life together real final treasure…

Nature so simple, so divine,

all I truly need is joy of hand in mine…