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Direction of The World

Iran continues to sprint toward a nuclear bomb; innocent Syrian women and children continue to die in a proxy civil war; the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia continue to gain power and express their anti-American ideology; Israel prepares to invade Gaza and start a more generalized Middle East war; Russia increases aggressive rhetoric against US; Chinese Communist Politburo chooses hardline Mao throwbacks to run their country for the next ten years; and America's social fabric continues to unravel under poor leadership, and political and economic scandal. Now you tell me what you think are the world's prospects for peace?


On The Edge Of A Precipice 

World War Two ended over 67 years ago. Young people in America watch grainy black and white documentaries on television and feel that it's ancient history. But it's not. It's less than a lifetime ago.

Over 70 million human beings died in WWII. Each was someone's child. Loved and cherished they all were. Modern society has mostly forgotten them. Naturally, on special occasions, they are remembered, but not often enough. Their deaths were the result of failed diplomacy. Miscalculation and the desire to avoid disagreeable decisions caused the "Freeworld" of the time to appease "Evil" and hope for the best. As in all cases of history, "Evil" did not appease easily. Many people paid for the mistakes with their lives. Lessons were learned initially, but later forgotten as is the case in history past. People avoid thinking about the ugliness and cruelty of human nature. It feels better to be happy than sad. But mistakes were made by "responsible governments", and that must be remembered.

Today, we are at another crossroad of history. Events over the next few years will dictate the course of the 21st century. Every powerful nation on this planet wants to be in the mix for supremacy and desires the right to control their own destiny. Overwhelmingly, the most critical factor for attaining this control is "Energy".

Regardless of your religious persuasion, race, political ideology, or national identity, no one wants their fate controlled by others. Natural instincts for survival demand we consider what is best for us as a nation and as individuals.

Bottom line reality is that the Middle East is critical to all nations which desire to control their own destiny. Religious ideologies aside, the importance of the Middle East lies in its oil fields, not in the mosques, temples or churches. Whoever controls the oil, controls the 21st century.

America certainly has the energy resources at home to provide our needs for 100 years. Europe, on the other hand, desperately requires Middle Eastern oil. Lack of access to this oil would further bankrupt the already dissolving European Union. If Europe goes down, repercussions to America would be calamitous and life-changing for every citizen. A long economic and social depression would ensue, threatening the survival of democratic governments everywhere.

Additionally, if Middle Eastern oil is allowed to fall completely into the hands of our enemies, the relative power of Iran, Russia, and China would increase exponentially. The balance of world power would tilt unfavorably away from America. The consequences to our country would be immeasurable and very costly at a critical time in our economic history. This is not an option America is willing or able to consider. 

So you see, regardless of political rhetoric or ideology, religious persuasion, or social inclinations, American foreign policy will continue to protect our interests in the Middle East. We will continue to ally ourselves with the only democracy in the region, Israel. We will continue to support "kings" who receive our advancements, and reject dictatorships and theocracies which want to alienate and banish us from the region. Our enemies will court the governments which reject us. The tug-of-war will continue for as long as "oil" reigns supreme. All our lifetimes will be affected directly by this reality, whether you like it or not. If we give up the oil, we give up America as we know it.

People should begin paying more attention to those black and white WWII documentaries on television. They have much to teach us about the cruelty of man against man. It is not ancient history. As Shakespeare wrote, "What is past is prologue". History does repeat itself. Human nature mandates it. Evolution has not yet erased the evil aspects of our biology. If anything, Darwin would have written that "Survival of the Fittest" directed the persistent sharpening of our "darker side". He may have said that war was a social expression of an innate biological tendency, strengthening with every generation.

My writing of the "American Amaranth" Anthology books is my attempt, through "magical thinking", to hopefully alter the biological tendency to war. Perhaps, by reminding people of the virtues which guided the formation of our great country, I can help do my part in preventing the coming storm. It' only wishful thinking, but it's the most I can do.




Our founding fathers lived and worked in the "Age of Enlightenment", a period of serious contemplation and discovery in all fields of thought. The Western world's best minds applied themselves to solving problems in the natural and physical sciences, philosophy, human social development, political theory, and of course, nation-building. The deep-thinking began in Europe in the early 18th century and quickly extended to the eastern shores of America. The United States of America was born.

The founding principles of our country were formed by intelligent, philosophically thoughtful, intuitive, and creative men. They discussed and argued for years the foundations which formed the pillars of our unique American Constitution. The basic premise was "Freedom" in a land governed by responsible people who would allow for it in great quantity and defend it with their lives to maintain it into the future for their children. America was to be a country only for the socially responsible.

America's early development was not easy. Our "Manifest Destiny" urged us to expand west to the Pacific, encroaching on lands occupied by the American Indians and Mexican nationals. Controversial wars with both created the continental mass with which we are familiar today. The issue of slavery was debated for decades before the courageous Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the obvious - Slavery was wrong and completely incongruent with America's founding principles of freedom. A nation divided could not stand. It took the Civil War and 600,000 dead Americans to correct the wrongs. We became a stronger nation into the early 20th century.

The last century brought two world wars, decades of fighting International Communism around the world, and the stirrings of a Global War on Terrorism. But we became stronger into the 21st century.

We have now entered into the 21st century hobbled by a multitude of problems, domestic and foreign. Social, racial, and moral disintegration at home, a crippled world economy for which we are blamed, international Islamic Jihad against American interests everywhere, an angry Russia which wants payback for the dissolution of her empire, and a China which desires to expand her sphere of influence around the world at the expense of America's future.

The only way America will be able to deal with her massive challenges is to remain united in her course of action. Those of us who don't love this country and are not willing to make fair sacrifices must get out. That means that all segments of our society must be socially responsible. There can be no takers, only givers. There are no freebies. Our government can not expect the hard workers to continue to work hard and completely support the lazier segments of our society. "Everyone" must contribute to the strengthening of our democratic society and keep it free and competitive, without the government instituting a socialist agenda which economically rewards only the lazy and irresponsible at the bottom and those at the top controlling the government.

Finally, we must all be true to the foundations of our country - Freedom without tyranny. Only by being socially responsible and respectful of our traditional American virtues will we be successful in returning our country to its rightful place in history. Those segments of American society unwilling to be "True Americans" and unwilling to participate in growing our country morally, spiritually, and economically, must get out and leave the fighting to the patriots.

Today is "Veterans Day" in America. We honor all those men and women who have sacrificed their lives for a better America. Those who have given their "Last full measure of their devotion" should be respected today and every day. If not for them, we would have lost our freedoms long ago. Let their sacrifices remind us all that freedom is costly and should never be taken for granted. We, as voting citizens of the greatest country on earth, must all adapt to the founding principles of America. We should not expect America to adapt to any of our lazy and unpatriotic ideas and desires. Let's get to work America.



Why Was American Amaranth Written? 

The human costs of war are horrific. Men, women, and children lose their lives or are handicapped permanently. Love and hope fade quickly in the maelstrom of war.Families are torn apart and suffer emotional scars lasting lifetimes. The flower and innocence of youth is the greatest casualty. From a human perspective, there are no winners in war, only losers. Nevertheless, war seems to be a permanence in human history. It is a stain on the evolutionary cloth of life.

Since the end of World War Two, two opposing geopolitical poles have become established. America and her allies with the Western Democratic Model of government have been in constant conflict with nations having an anti-American view on the management of the world. Since 1945, USSR/Russia and China have remained the major enemies of the "Western Way". Wars have been fought all over the globe between these opposing poles.

With the discovery of oil in the Middle East in the early 20th century, and the creation of the state of Israel after WWII, there has been a resurgence of radical Islam across the Muslim world. America's direct support of Israel and our involvement in the economics of oil have caused radical Islam to join the anti-American geopolitical pole. Both Russia and China have welcomed their alliance and have directly supported the development of nuclear weapons programs in Pakistan and Iran. The US and Russia/China/radical Islam have been in covert war for decades.

Most recently, a belt of Jihadism has flared across North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Civil wars in Libya, Egypt, and Syria have caught the attention of the world. Iraq has become an Iranian satellite, as Afghanistan is a Pakistani satellite. Pro-Western governments in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, and Turkey are much less safe than they appear. Radical Islam could easily alter their borderline allegiance in an instant.

After the tragedies of 9/11, America has decided to stamp out Jihadism and eliminate Islamic Terror wherever it exists. Nuclear weapons programs in Pakistan and Iran will not be allowed. They are considered existential threats to the Western World. 

Although Islamic nukes are also threats to Russia and China, these countries have continued to support their rights to nukes. Access to energy reserves have increased their support. This, in turn, has caused America to apply economic pressure on both Russia and China to change their ways. Suddenly, America has become an existential threat to Russian and Chinese powers in charge. Putin lives under constant threat of being overthrown, and the Chinese Politburo is becoming unstable in the management of their country. Civil wars may be brewing. The world is becoming progressively more chaotic.

Today, American military might lies close to their main targets of Pakistan and Iran. I would venture to say that by 2020, both these countries will be toothless. Russia and China stand by to help their "allies". Their involvement in the apparently upcoming fray is still in question. It is a greater gamble for them than for the US. I believe that Russia may come to her economic senses and move more closely to the West. Incredibly, all parties involved believe that they can win a major modern war in the 21st century. Iran and Pakistan risk total annihilation if they bring their terrorism to the American homeland. Russia and China risk civil war. America also faces great risks. Reason and rhyme seem not to be playing a part in the geopolitical strategies being considered.

The novel, "American Amaranth", was written to honor Americans and all "freedom loving peoples" in the great struggle to come. It exposes the sad losses of war. Love and hope, and all other virtuous human sentiments, suffer, but do not succumb to the despair of war. It is a foreboding, cautionary tale. It is my attempt to hopefully, through magical thinking, prevent a titanic human calamity. If history is any guide, I likely won't be successful.




Scientists and mathematicians are trained observers of patterns. Patterns imply predictable sequences. Similar thinking can be applied to international geopolitics. Sociological patterns are often predictable over time, particularly so over the past 150 years. Let me give you some examples.

Prussian Minister-President Otto Von Bismarck unified the German nation in 1871. It became an ins

tant threat to colonial powers Britain and France. It set into motion a "program" which culminated in world war in 1914, 43 years later. WW II against Nazi Germany was a continuation of unresolved business.

The Bolshevik Russian Revolution of 1917 began a Capitalist program against Communism led by the United States which culminated in the first Western Democracy war against the revolutionary ideology in Korea in 1950, 33+ years later. Vietnam was the second phase of the War against Communism in Asia.

The Japanese victory in the Russo-Japanese War in 1905 elevated her to an imperial power in Asia and the western Pacific. President Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize for brokering the Treaty of Portsmouth, ending the hostilities. He also set in motion a program to better understand America's potential future enemy. The US increased trade with Japan, exported baseball and Hollywood to her shores, and accepted thousands of young exchange students at her finest universities, including the future Admiral Yamamoto who designed and ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. It took the program 36+ years and a major economic depression to prepare America for a major war.

It seems to take democratic Western powers 30-40 years to mobilize against threatening ideology.

Two critical events in 1979 set in motion America's program for the 21st century. The Iranian Islamic Revolution threatened the precious energy reserves of the Middle East and the future survival of the state of Israel, both extremely important to American foreign policy.

The Sino-Vietnamese War of 1979 may have been lost to most Americans' memory, but China's strategic loss in the war set in motion all the economic reforms responsible for her relative strength today. She is the dominant menacing power in East and Southeast Asia, and a direct threat to America's position in the region. American strategists realized this potential several years ago and began programming for it.

A well known English historian and expert on China was recently asked if US war with China was possible in the future. "Weren't America and China too economically dependent on each other to risk war?" To paraphrase: He answered, "They're not any more dependent on each other than the European powers were in 1914. 11 million people died in that war, and another 70 million died in the follow-up war. Yes, I believe that the US and China may come to blows in the not too distant future."

33+ years have passed since 1979. The events of 911 and the Economic Collapse of 2008 have brought the world closer to a crisis event. Around the world, people's blood boils. People everywhere appear angry for one reason or another. Threats fly between nations. Trade wars evolve. People are short of money and patience. It appears that a pattern is evolving.