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Am I missing something?

Please consider the following historical timeline of events:

NYC, Washington, and Pennsylvania 9/11 attacks; US invasion of Afghanistan; US invasion of Iraq; US military and CIA involvement in Somalia, Sudan, multiple North African countries, Mexico and Latin America; Nuclearization of North Korea and Iran; the economic and military rise of an assertive and pushy China;... the resurgence of an opinionated Putin-led Russia; the world economic debacle of 2008; the social and economic disruption of Europe; the rise of fascist ideology in Europe and Russia; the US evacuation of Iraq and replacement with Iranian power; civil wars in Tunisia, Libya, and Syria; the rise of the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood; chaos in Algeria, Mali, Egypt, and multiple other Muslim nations in the Persian Gulf region; the military rise of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza; the remilitarization of Japan; the rise of socialist ideology in our sacred US of A with the resultant economic, social, racial, and religious repercussions; the coming withdrawl of US troops from Afghanistan and the sure coming resurgence of al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afgh and Pakistan; the massive government debt around the world with the resultant currency and trade wars; multiple civilian "massacres" in the United States; and the looming, coming conflicts with North Korea, Iran, and any other countries who support them.

It is definitely a very confusing world. And worse; it doesn't appear to be getting any easier to understand. Are we any better off now than we were before 9/11? If it wasn't so sickeningly horrible to consider, perhaps, Osama bin laden would look at his evil doings of 9/11 and consider it successful in making life complicatingly miserable for Americans. Final opinion on the matter is still pending.

As loyal and patriotic Americans, let us all do the most we can to assure that history is written showing that the United States of America was victorious in the struggle to remain free, and that the terrorist nations supporting and hoping for our demise were vanquished. Not only does our future depend on it, but also the future peace and prosperity of the world.


Seeing through the fog of war

It is nearly impossible for the average American to keep up with news of world events and their potential consequences. Most US media outlets generate stories with liberal spin and use information to propogate a socialist agenda. True information is 'Power' and unfortunately, we don't have much of it. But one thing does seem clear to me: While hotspots around the wor...ld unravel, domestic US politics throw our country into a divided, vehemently unstable mess. Why?

Above the East China Sea, both Japan and China are flying armed fighter jets in a heated contest over small islands with big energy reserves. Threats of war have been thrown by both sides, and it appears that things are worsening.

A similar situation is evolving in the South China Sea between China, and the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

In both cases the US is clearly opposing China's interests and is reinforcing their military bases in Guam, Okinawa, Singapore, Subic Bay, South Korea, and the The Japanese home islands.

The Syrian Civil War spirals further out of control. Russia appears to be strengthening her position in support of the Assad regime and the Iranian theocracy. America, Israel, the EU, NATO-Turkey, and the Sunni Gulf states are strongly opposing the 'Axis of Evil'.

France has publicly declared a war against al-Qaeda and the Islamists in Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, and several other African states. They are sending military forces to fight in these areas. America is supporting France with special forces as well.

Hugo Chavez is 'dying' from presumed cancer and his 'socialist revolution' in Central and South America may die with him. Iran and China are doing everything in their power to sustain the 'revolution' without him but the task will be difficult. The US is increasing her presence in Latin America to help create a transition back into the 'Western' sphere of influence. A major tug-of-war is developing.

A 'quiet' world war is happening in front of our very eyes and the American press disguises it. Why?

At the same time, US media reports incessantly on the 'crises' inside our own country. The public and private debt, the state of our banks, the unemployment, fiscal discord, and most recently, the 'Gun Crisis'.

Somehow, the American media wants the public to believe that the recent 'massacres' in our country are the result of the easy availability of guns in the US. As if 'banning' weapons will suddenly cure the epidemic mental illness in America. It's preposterous. 'Sick' people would find other ways of killing innocents: poison, knives, clubs, rocks, etc. The American people will never give up their legal rights to arm themselves in defense, especially in these times of insecurity. It's not going to happen. Why is the media and the 'Left' pushing the idea on us? Pushing the option of 'Executive Order'. It's crazy. All it does is create more social unrest and paranoia that the country is sliding towards socialist tyranny.

So why is the media trying so hard to unsettle the American public? Is it for ratings and money? Is it to create a collapse of American society and urge on government intervention and control? Could they actually believe that their actions will be interpreted as 'patriotic' by the true American patriots? I can not believe this. Or could it be to 'simmer the pot' sort of speak. To heighten the American spirit, aggressiveness, and nationalistic fervor for what is to come globally. World upheaval is easier to confront when your nation has been trained with non-stop stress for several consecutive years.

I, for one, can't figure it out. But as a physician, I am sure of one thing. The politicking and the public media have not been constructive for a united, mentally fit and strong America. They have been divisive and corrosive on the American way of life. I hope they have been more understanding of their actions than I have been.


World Stability?

Nationalistic prime minister in Japan beginning to upgrade his military and defense alliance with the US. Vietnam and the Philippines side with Japan against China. China begins to send armed naval ships and fighter-bombers into Japanese waters. Mock-up of US carrier in the Chinese Gobi desert with DF-21 ballistic missile practice "hits" seen on satellite images. America's Paci...fic pivot begins with fortification of Guam bases and upgrading of defenses in Japanese home islands. Chinese politburo orders the People's Liberation Army and Navy to prepare for a "fighting war".

North Korea declares that their nuclear weapons program targets America. NK threatens South Korea and US with war.

Iran nears stage of weaponizing nuclear program. Russia helps accelerate the Iranian projects. Both Iran and Russia commit to defending Assad regime in Syria. Deaths in Syria near 70,000, with many more to come. Patriot missiles with US crews in position in Turkey. US troops in Jordan and Israel. US Navy in Mediterranean, Red Sea, and Persian Gulf ready for combat.

The French begin to fight in North Africa. Face formidable Islamist enemy in Mali, Algeria, Libya, Niger, and Nigeria. US helping with transports and Special Forces. Egypt continues in chaos.

Britain considers dropping out of Europe as it faces its third recession in four years. French economy tailspins. Spain, Portugal, Greece, and several other European countries in "depression". Britain in disagreement with Germany as to how the economic situation in Europe should be handled. "Fighting words" are thrown around the European community.

Russian activists continue to die "mysteriously". Putin's favorability rating at an all-time low. Russian people "unhappy".

The US continues to split more widely along political, social, racial, and educational lines. Benghazi "catastrophe" still not properly explained to the people of the United States. Potential "Gun Ban" throws our country into more chaos. American citizens are becoming less trusting and more paranoid. A confused and unsettled "malaise" engulfs America.

The US stock market looks more and more like a casino than ever before. Low interest rates hurt "savers" and help "spenders". Are there still economic and social rewards in America for those people who work hard and act responsibly? Where are they?

Now you tell me if the world appears to be more stable than five years ago. Its instability has reached "hysterical" levels, not seen since the late 1930s. Tomorrow is unpredictable.


Giving Thanks

With the world spiraling into ever more discord, confusion, and illogical chaos, it's emotionally calming to step away from the panorama and remember all that is good about the natures of man.

Who can argue with the beauty of music. The great works such as Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata", Albinoni's "Adagio in G Minor", and Rachmaninoff's Cello Sonata Op. 19-3, all light your soul on fire. They can only bring out the good in man. They cause you to reflect on love and the greater need for it in our world.

Masterpieces of literature by Shakespeare,Tolstoy,and Hemingway open your mind on all there is and all that could be. Read Pasternak's "Dr.Zhivago" and appreciate the essence of love and how without it, we die.

Go into an operating room and see the struggle for life and its prolongation. The majic of healing is incomparable and truly exposes the goodness of man.

Watch a child explore the mysteries of a garden. See him chase butterflies and pick flowers. There is the essence of love, in living color.

Or observe two lovers in a park. Watch them express young love. The aura of their dreams surround them in a protective seal. What more can you ask for?

When feeling low, listen to Rachmaninoff's Cello Sonata Op. 19-3 from start to finish. Its ethereal notes at the end confirm for you that "Love does conquer all", and that there is hope for the world.



Held Breath

Israel's impending military actions on the ground in the Gaza strip, in self-defense to prevent ongoing terrorist rocket attacks on her civilians, is likely to be costlier for Israel than actions in the past. Her enemies, in large numbers, are prepared for close quarter urban combat. They are inviting the Israelis in with their persistent rocket barrage. Gaza is likely full of multinational Islamic fighters. Enemies of Israel and America in Egypt, Lebanon(Hezbollah), Syria, Jordan, and Iran are certain to come to the aid of Gaza, directly or indirectly. Will Israel be able to defend herself on all fronts against such a determined enemy? Will the fighting extend throughout the region and involve the United States, Britain, and France? Will Russia and China get involved? Whose side is Turkey really on? Can a spark in the Middle East turn into a world war?

Tonight, there are many more questions than there are answers. The world situation is much more complicated and tense than in the past. Nations are poorer, angrier, and more intolerant. Most Americans should be holding their breath.