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Geopolitical Realities

There are three certainties in American foreign policy:
1) Middle East oil commerce will be under the auspices of the United States. The cost and control of flow from the Persian Gulf will be safeguarded by the US military. Oil access is vital to maintaining Western Democracy. No foreign power whatsoever will ever be allowed to alter that control, regardless of consequences.... America would use any measure necessary to maintain this policy. The old Soviet Union understood this position and never seriously challenged it.
2) Complete and total US support for the state of Israel will never be broken. Regardless of what you see on mainstream media implying decreasing support by the present administration, it is simply maneuvering. No other nation will be allowed to seriously threaten the existence and prosperity of Israel. States which threaten this position will eventually be ruined and "changed". With Israel's existence secure, we all hope that she will be fair to the Palestinian people and allow them their just right to sovereign land. That is the key to peace in the region.
3) No foreign nation will be allowed hegemony over Asia and the western Pacific. The last nation to try, Japan, was destroyed and rebuilt in the image of the United States-free and democratic. America will not accept a foreign power controlling trade through the South China Sea, the Pacific, and Indian Ocean. Free trade through the region is vital to the progressive civilization of the world. Japan with all her might in 1941 (millions strong army,air force, and navy-with global projection) was brought to her knees with strategic fire-bombing and nuking of cities. Millions of Japanese died in the process. Since, Japan has become one of the great examples in history of civilized society.

Considering the aforementioned realities, the world today faces a major crisis of proportions never seen before. The combined military power of America's enemies in the 21st century far outweigh that of the past century. The Nazi Germany/Japan/Italy axis can not compare with Russia/China/Iran/North Korea/Pakistan. The present enemy axis has over 2billion people and advanced nuclear weaponry. America also has a much stronger military than in 1945, with a dominant global navy and aerospace capability, unimaginable at the end of WW II.

But is it enough to deter our antagonists' march to undo American influence around the world? No one can say for sure. Thus the anxiety in the world today with the evolving crisis. America's decline domestically and internationally is real. The enemy perceives this reality. They are moving forward with the implementation of their designs of the world. They do not seem to be falling back and acquiescing to US demands. The world moves closer to international conflict every day. Those who do not see this reality are not informed. They do not understand how history has forced this crisis, and how human beings, as biological creatures, are programmed for their own tribal/cultural/nationalistic advancement.

So the stage is slowly being set for the most decisive geopolitical earthquake in the history of mankind. The unstable economic realities around the world only serves to raise the "anger quotient" in people. Angry people are easier to motivate toward aggression. Iran continues to build their nuclear arsenal with the aid of Russia, China, and North Korea. North Korea continues to send rockets flying over Japan. China continues to threaten Japan and the South China Sea region. Russia and China continue to threaten the United States. America strategizes and moves her chess pieces accordingly.

Events as these take years to develop. Pay attention to world events. Read and listen to foreign media sources. They fill in the blanks that our media so conveniently "forget" to mention and report thoroughly. The future destiny of the United States hangs in the balance. With all our energies, perhaps, we can help mold a brighter future for our country and our planet. The only answer to the world's instability is global freedom and just "rule of law". America must remain the leader in this experiment.

We must clean-up our own act and present a better face to the world. There is no excuse for our present malaise. There is no place in America for social laziness, complacency, and total dependence on the government for subsistence. People must get educated and learn to improve our society, not parasitically derive from it. We must all be proponents of liberty and not detract from the mission our founding fathers saw for our once great country. If you are not part of the solution in America, then you are part of the problem. Let's "change" America in the right way!! Let's change our "reality tv" culture back into the "American Dream" society: responsible, hard-working, independent minded, and desiring of a better future for our children.

Perhaps if our enemies around the globe saw our metamorphosis back into a great country, they would stop in their tracks and join us in the creation of a modern "Renaissance" for the world. Global peace and prosperity would be our dividend.

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