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World Stability?

Nationalistic prime minister in Japan beginning to upgrade his military and defense alliance with the US. Vietnam and the Philippines side with Japan against China. China begins to send armed naval ships and fighter-bombers into Japanese waters. Mock-up of US carrier in the Chinese Gobi desert with DF-21 ballistic missile practice "hits" seen on satellite images. America's Paci...fic pivot begins with fortification of Guam bases and upgrading of defenses in Japanese home islands. Chinese politburo orders the People's Liberation Army and Navy to prepare for a "fighting war".

North Korea declares that their nuclear weapons program targets America. NK threatens South Korea and US with war.

Iran nears stage of weaponizing nuclear program. Russia helps accelerate the Iranian projects. Both Iran and Russia commit to defending Assad regime in Syria. Deaths in Syria near 70,000, with many more to come. Patriot missiles with US crews in position in Turkey. US troops in Jordan and Israel. US Navy in Mediterranean, Red Sea, and Persian Gulf ready for combat.

The French begin to fight in North Africa. Face formidable Islamist enemy in Mali, Algeria, Libya, Niger, and Nigeria. US helping with transports and Special Forces. Egypt continues in chaos.

Britain considers dropping out of Europe as it faces its third recession in four years. French economy tailspins. Spain, Portugal, Greece, and several other European countries in "depression". Britain in disagreement with Germany as to how the economic situation in Europe should be handled. "Fighting words" are thrown around the European community.

Russian activists continue to die "mysteriously". Putin's favorability rating at an all-time low. Russian people "unhappy".

The US continues to split more widely along political, social, racial, and educational lines. Benghazi "catastrophe" still not properly explained to the people of the United States. Potential "Gun Ban" throws our country into more chaos. American citizens are becoming less trusting and more paranoid. A confused and unsettled "malaise" engulfs America.

The US stock market looks more and more like a casino than ever before. Low interest rates hurt "savers" and help "spenders". Are there still economic and social rewards in America for those people who work hard and act responsibly? Where are they?

Now you tell me if the world appears to be more stable than five years ago. Its instability has reached "hysterical" levels, not seen since the late 1930s. Tomorrow is unpredictable.