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Seeing through the fog of war

It is nearly impossible for the average American to keep up with news of world events and their potential consequences. Most US media outlets generate stories with liberal spin and use information to propogate a socialist agenda. True information is 'Power' and unfortunately, we don't have much of it. But one thing does seem clear to me: While hotspots around the wor...ld unravel, domestic US politics throw our country into a divided, vehemently unstable mess. Why?

Above the East China Sea, both Japan and China are flying armed fighter jets in a heated contest over small islands with big energy reserves. Threats of war have been thrown by both sides, and it appears that things are worsening.

A similar situation is evolving in the South China Sea between China, and the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

In both cases the US is clearly opposing China's interests and is reinforcing their military bases in Guam, Okinawa, Singapore, Subic Bay, South Korea, and the The Japanese home islands.

The Syrian Civil War spirals further out of control. Russia appears to be strengthening her position in support of the Assad regime and the Iranian theocracy. America, Israel, the EU, NATO-Turkey, and the Sunni Gulf states are strongly opposing the 'Axis of Evil'.

France has publicly declared a war against al-Qaeda and the Islamists in Mali, Nigeria, Somalia, and several other African states. They are sending military forces to fight in these areas. America is supporting France with special forces as well.

Hugo Chavez is 'dying' from presumed cancer and his 'socialist revolution' in Central and South America may die with him. Iran and China are doing everything in their power to sustain the 'revolution' without him but the task will be difficult. The US is increasing her presence in Latin America to help create a transition back into the 'Western' sphere of influence. A major tug-of-war is developing.

A 'quiet' world war is happening in front of our very eyes and the American press disguises it. Why?

At the same time, US media reports incessantly on the 'crises' inside our own country. The public and private debt, the state of our banks, the unemployment, fiscal discord, and most recently, the 'Gun Crisis'.

Somehow, the American media wants the public to believe that the recent 'massacres' in our country are the result of the easy availability of guns in the US. As if 'banning' weapons will suddenly cure the epidemic mental illness in America. It's preposterous. 'Sick' people would find other ways of killing innocents: poison, knives, clubs, rocks, etc. The American people will never give up their legal rights to arm themselves in defense, especially in these times of insecurity. It's not going to happen. Why is the media and the 'Left' pushing the idea on us? Pushing the option of 'Executive Order'. It's crazy. All it does is create more social unrest and paranoia that the country is sliding towards socialist tyranny.

So why is the media trying so hard to unsettle the American public? Is it for ratings and money? Is it to create a collapse of American society and urge on government intervention and control? Could they actually believe that their actions will be interpreted as 'patriotic' by the true American patriots? I can not believe this. Or could it be to 'simmer the pot' sort of speak. To heighten the American spirit, aggressiveness, and nationalistic fervor for what is to come globally. World upheaval is easier to confront when your nation has been trained with non-stop stress for several consecutive years.

I, for one, can't figure it out. But as a physician, I am sure of one thing. The politicking and the public media have not been constructive for a united, mentally fit and strong America. They have been divisive and corrosive on the American way of life. I hope they have been more understanding of their actions than I have been.