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Am I missing something?

Please consider the following historical timeline of events:

NYC, Washington, and Pennsylvania 9/11 attacks; US invasion of Afghanistan; US invasion of Iraq; US military and CIA involvement in Somalia, Sudan, multiple North African countries, Mexico and Latin America; Nuclearization of North Korea and Iran; the economic and military rise of an assertive and pushy China;... the resurgence of an opinionated Putin-led Russia; the world economic debacle of 2008; the social and economic disruption of Europe; the rise of fascist ideology in Europe and Russia; the US evacuation of Iraq and replacement with Iranian power; civil wars in Tunisia, Libya, and Syria; the rise of the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood; chaos in Algeria, Mali, Egypt, and multiple other Muslim nations in the Persian Gulf region; the military rise of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza; the remilitarization of Japan; the rise of socialist ideology in our sacred US of A with the resultant economic, social, racial, and religious repercussions; the coming withdrawl of US troops from Afghanistan and the sure coming resurgence of al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afgh and Pakistan; the massive government debt around the world with the resultant currency and trade wars; multiple civilian "massacres" in the United States; and the looming, coming conflicts with North Korea, Iran, and any other countries who support them.

It is definitely a very confusing world. And worse; it doesn't appear to be getting any easier to understand. Are we any better off now than we were before 9/11? If it wasn't so sickeningly horrible to consider, perhaps, Osama bin laden would look at his evil doings of 9/11 and consider it successful in making life complicatingly miserable for Americans. Final opinion on the matter is still pending.

As loyal and patriotic Americans, let us all do the most we can to assure that history is written showing that the United States of America was victorious in the struggle to remain free, and that the terrorist nations supporting and hoping for our demise were vanquished. Not only does our future depend on it, but also the future peace and prosperity of the world.

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