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Held Breath

Israel's impending military actions on the ground in the Gaza strip, in self-defense to prevent ongoing terrorist rocket attacks on her civilians, is likely to be costlier for Israel than actions in the past. Her enemies, in large numbers, are prepared for close quarter urban combat. They are inviting the Israelis in with their persistent rocket barrage. Gaza is likely full of multinational Islamic fighters. Enemies of Israel and America in Egypt, Lebanon(Hezbollah), Syria, Jordan, and Iran are certain to come to the aid of Gaza, directly or indirectly. Will Israel be able to defend herself on all fronts against such a determined enemy? Will the fighting extend throughout the region and involve the United States, Britain, and France? Will Russia and China get involved? Whose side is Turkey really on? Can a spark in the Middle East turn into a world war?

Tonight, there are many more questions than there are answers. The world situation is much more complicated and tense than in the past. Nations are poorer, angrier, and more intolerant. Most Americans should be holding their breath.