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The amaranth flower is a symbol for all things we wish eternal. The flower in the picture is losing its petals. It's a metaphor for what's happening in America and the world. The American Amaranth Anthology is a story of perseverance through dangerous struggle, sorrow, and great loss. The book's essence is its hope and faith in tomorrow...


The essence of the AMERICAN AMARANTH® books are life's loves and losses, and how they shape us as human beings. Often times, it is a challenge to work through the losses, but we must. We must always maintain the fire to live a good life and share our experiences with those we love and still have. It is better to do good in this world than it is to do bad. Live your life passionately and always remember that your opportunities are fleeting. Grasp onto them and make them count. This is the key to happiness - sharing our love and growing into the best human beings we can be.


"I have read all three of J R Ortiz books and have read his newest paperback, Fuego which is primarily a book of poetry. He is basically a poet at heart and it comes thru in his novels. He makes the reader see things in "color" if that makes any sense. I will read anything he writes and look forward to his next effort."~ Elizabeth

Caves of Chimera, a long lyrical narrative poem, depicts a man and his family caught in an Armageddon Earth. A young father, Doctor Richard Planck – whose thinking mind is formed with philosophical elements of the Enlightenment, Romanticism, Realism, and modern Abstract Expressionism – returns to an idyllic mountain in northern Spain where he first learned love years before with a beautiful aspiring Spanish novelist. Through epic poetry, the reader learns of his emotions, experiences, and struggles in an absurd world.


FUEGO is the fictional story of Jorge Sierra, a Cuban poet and painter during the times of Fidel Castro’s revolution. Also an opponent of Fulgencio Batista’s corrupt prior regime, he refuses to accept the betrayals of the Cuban Revolution. With a loving family, wife, and child, the freedom fighter drops the pen and brush and takes up the gun in struggle against communist tyranny in his island home. Taken prisoner after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, Sierra goes to the infamous prison, La Cabaña, in Havana. FUEGO depicts the final twenty-four hours in a patriot’s life.


The American Amaranth Anthology is set in the near future, and follows a family through several generations of personal, national, and international struggle. The Stansfields are not perfect, but they attempt to be in their upholding of the values which have made our country the envy of the world in the past. It is intended to be dramatic and occasionally metaphorical in order to make specific points known. The anthology illustrates the grandness of our country, and reveals the hopes and aspirations of many of our equally responsible citizens. It uses our history as a people to light the path for the future.

 "This novel is a surprising tour into the soul of a warrior. It begins with a nightmare, the terrifying vision of a war that could end the American Dream. The protagonist is not only a professional soldier. He is a father and a lover. The love for his departed wife permeates his life. She is always with him. The trepidations and hopes for his four children and for his country guide his actions. The agonizing reality of the warrior that knows that his actions will cost countless lives including possibly his children’s haunts him all the time.
For the readers that like war sagas this is a treat. Dr. Ortiz gives the reader every minute technical detail about weapons and strategy about the science of war. He places the reader in a geographic context using detail maps and very vivid descriptions of the places where the conflict takes place. You feel you are part of the action.
Through the warrior’s eyes we witness the unfolding of the nightmare of war. Then courage, faith and honor triumph. Humanity awakes from the tragedy of warfare to a better future. It is the flourishing of the American Amaranth."~Julian L Sevillano

 "In today's dangerous World, this series of books is, in my opinion required reading.
The author's magnificent intertwining of history, geopolitics, military and human nature is outstanding.
For anyone that can use a recount of our world's history (and we all need this in these turbulent times) and a clear understanding of how our human emotions lead people to make heroic acts while facing insurmountable obstacles, these series of books are indispensable.
I thoroughly enjoyed this series and was only disappointed by the fact that I was left wanting more. Maybe the author will consider writing a sequel!" ~Nestor de la Cruz-Munoz


 "This is one of the best novels I've read in years. A fabulous story with excellent character development and well thought out technical approach. I highly recommend this book if you like great stories and excellent war fiction. I would compare this book to Tom Clancy's Red Dawn but truth be told this book was far better and the characters more compelling. It's that good!" ~Lynn Olivari


Book One, American Amaranth, is seen through the eyes of an aged and sick warrior, Admiral Julian Stansfield, while he carries the weight of his country on his shoulders. Handicapped by personal grief and medical illness, he directs the United States through a major conventional world war. He worries for his three sons who are all scattered around the planet in their respective duties as American military men. Throughout the story, the admiral remembers his beloved late wife, Olivia, and retells all he learned from her about life and freedom.

 "I was not dissappointed in this second book of the American Amaranth Anthology...a fast paced book, very well written, it keeps you interested in the story of the Stansfield brothers fights for freedom in the United States and the world until the end....The author includes past and present history of the world which makes the story even more interesting. Looking forward to the third book!!!!" ~Rosa G.

Book Two, Libertas Americana, takes brothers Julius and Michael Stansfield on a heroic odyssey of high adventure through eastern and central Europe. Ordered to stop a developing terrorist attack on the United States, the brothers face great obstacles and dangers throughout their spy mission. Through their ordeal, they remember the glory of their youth and the greatness of the 'Amaranth'.


"Beautifully written, Was impressed with the first of the three books I have already purchased. His characters are vivid and makes it easier to remember them as you follow the story. I would recommend this collection to anyone interested in history and especially WWII." ~ Elizabeth 


Book Three, American Requiem, is a complex tale involving four independent stories in one. A continuation of the saga from books one and two, it incorporates a long lost family diary from the Second World War in North Africa and southern Europe. The journal functions like a time portal into the past as it's read by eldest brother Julius Stansfield, while involved with his two brothers on a CIA mission to Italy in the near future. Julius learns emotional secrets about his paternal grandparents in the US Army Medical Corps during 1943-44. He also gets a privileged insight into the young life of his father, then Lieutenant Julian Stansfield, from the summer of 1975 as the lieutenant spends time caring for his dying mother, Ann Nelson Stansfield. Four parallel stories are carefully interwoven to better illustrate the love between different generations of Stansfields during separate critical times of their lives.


American Requiem highlights the reality that we are, as individuals, an amalgamation of all our life experiences. Like physical traits passed on in our genes, philosophies of life may also transcend generations in a family. Frequently, our ancestors contribute mightily to our 'Gestalt' of being. American Requiem reminds us of the fact that we are often times complex reflections of those who came before us. The struggles of the past help forge us in the present. Many times, we are what we were. Our 'garden of life' was planted before us. We simply tend it, and help it to grow and prosper further. We have a duty to remember loved ones who set the path to the garden, and insist those who come after us continue to nurture the flowers already planted. Common sacrifice leads to common goodness. We must make the world better.


 "The concept "AMERICAN AMARANTH" will be appreciated after you read the novels. It is revealed as the reader embarks on the personal journey of a man who loves his country, his children, and most of all his wife."