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            FUEGO  By J. R. Ortiz


"There was passion fire in me for all things right and fine – science and theory, art, and love --- Love and desire of wife and child, country, the just world… "~FUEGO 




"Emotionally rewarding and uplifting."


FUEGO is the fictional story of Jorge Sierra, a Cuban poet and painter during the times of Fidel Castro’s revolution. Also an opponent of Fulgencio Batista’s corrupt prior regime, he refuses to accept the betrayals of the Cuban Revolution. With a loving family, wife, and child, the freedom fighter drops the pen and brush and takes up the gun in struggle against communist tyranny in his island home. Taken prisoner after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, Sierra goes to the infamous prison, La Cabaña, in Havana. FUEGO depicts the final twenty-four hours in a patriot’s life. 



 "Power, love, and grace are mixed to the extreme."



"Mankind may be unimportant in the infinite scope of the cosmos, but we are not unimportant to ourselves or to each other. We need each other on this journey through 'Time and Space'. Human interaction, discourse, and peaceful coexistence are essential to the further cultural advancement of mankind. The evolution of our minds and future progress in science, medicine, technology, and governance demand that we allow for differences of opinion with respect to religious and ideological beliefs. Race and creed should not be discriminated against. Freedom and justice for all peoples must be safeguarded." ~ J. R. Ortiz